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Four ways to automate your social marketing - Econsultancy

In today’s social orientated marketing landscape most business have taken the leap of faith into social marketing. If you are one of these business you know how time consuming and resource intensive social marketing can be.




1. Use smart scheduling for maximum engagement

Using a service like Swayy or Buffer will increase your productivity, allowing you to share more quality content each week which will result in more engagement and more fans and followers.

2. Spread the workload among your staff

Designate time slots to each individual and spread the workload among your entire team. The more your team gets involved with your social marketing the more likely they are to feel connected to your brand and be able to provide important insights on how you can improve your business.

3. Be aggressive with social buttons

Automate the growth of your social communities by placing social buttons linked to your social profiles within emails, newsletters, and other marketing material.

4. Open your blog up to guest bloggers

If you plan to publish two posts a week (the minimum in my opinion) then choose one of these slots and open it up to guest bloggers from your niche. Every niche has many bloggers and these bloggers are always looking for guest blogging opportunities.

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